The Fauna

We have begun the journey into self sufficiency with a small flock of poultry and fowl. Our little flock consists of:
9 Chanteclers
3 Silver Grey Dorkings
3 White Jersey Giants
1 Ameraucana and
1 Unknown (seller claimed to be an Ameraucana, but she lays brown eggs)


2 Eastern Wilds
2 Beltsville Small Whites and
2 Royal Palms


3 Blue Magpie's
3 Pekings
1 Black Cayuga
1 Heinz 57 (Fitz, is the black and white I do not know lineage)
3 Appleyards and
2 Rouen's (we think).

Check out these videos and pics...............

   Herne all pretty in a field of flowers.

So far our little urban homestead houses Laura and I, Kiaser a 8 year old Great Dane, Fiona a 7 year old Red Sided Eclectus, Rampage and Gina 5 year old cats and Herne an English Springer Spaniel who is just a year and a half. We have also recently added to the clan a pair of beagles, Luna (8 months) and Wraith (6 months).

Here is Herne The Hunter, my English Springer Spaniel. He is just 5 months and is learning how to swim down at Shearwater Yacht Club, and an after picture of Herne pooped and sleeping with his big bro.